Prices include GST

30 Minutes $42.00
45 minute  $55.00
1 hour  $60.00
1.5 hours  $92.00
2  hours $115.00
2.5 hours $145.00
3 hours $168.00
3.5 hours $185.00
4 hours $210.00
4.5 hours $231.00
5 hours $250.00
5.5 hours $267.00
6 or more hours / unlimited $288.00

Adult Dance Classes:
Punchcard – $50 for 6 classes
OR $15.00 Drop-in

Make cheques payable to:



*5% Processing fee will apply on all VISA/MASTERCARD/AMEX payments

Under no circumstances will criticism of students, teachers, staff, scheduling, costumes or choreography be tolerated.  If there is a concern please email the studio.  Inappropriate emails or confrontations will be dealt with immediately with a warning.  Continued interference may result in the expulsion of both student and parents from the dance program.


Participation in the year end shows IS NOT OPTIONAL.  Attendance at these rehearsals are also NOT AN OPTION. NO EXCEPTIONS! Failure to attend will result in the student being removed from the year end show. If special consideration is needed regarding the scheduling of the rehearsals, the studio must be notified **via email** at least three months prior.  Requests will be considered in order of receiving them, and we will try our best to arrange the schedule accordingly, however it is not always possible.

Costume Fees Per Class:

COSTUME FEES due October 31st 2019. NO EXCEPTIONS

Preschool $50
Tap Tots $50
Hip Hop Tots $50
5/6 Acro $50
5/6 Hip Hop $60
5/6 Beginner Tap $60
5/6 Rec Ballet $60
5/6 Rec Jazz $60
JR Acro $60
JR Competitive Jazz $80
JR Competitive Lyrical $80
JR Rec Hip Hop $60
JR/INT Rec Lyrical $70
JR Rec Modern $60
JR RAD Ballet $80
JR Rec Ballet $70
JR Rec Jazz $70
JR Tap $70
INT Competitive Jazz $90
INT/SR Rec Hip Hop $80
INT Rec Modern $80
INT RAD Ballet A $90
INT RAD Ballet B $90
INT/ SR Rec Ballet $90
INT Tap $80
INT Rec Jazz $80
INT Competitive Lyrical $100
INT Competitive Hip Hop $80
INT Competitive Modern $100
INT Acro $80
INT/SR /TEEN Rec Jazz $80
SR Acro $80
SR Competitive Jazz $100
SR Competitive Hip Hop $100
SR RAD Ballet $100
SR Competitive Modern $100
SR Competitive Lyrical $100

Technique is non-performance, therefore will not incur costume fees.