Exciting news! The Musical Theatre / Song & Dance class is going on a field trip.   Other dancers, instructors and parents that would like to go, are also invited!

What? Where?


We are planning a trip to Spokane, Washington to see the Broadway touring cast perform Memphis, the Musical. It is a Broadway musical that has won several Tony awards and is packed with loads of dancing. We are also planning a flash mob in a mall there.


We have 30 group tickets for February 21, 2015 for the evening show. The flash mob will be in the afternoon, before the show.

How much?  

Show tickets are at the reduced price of $68 (CAD). If we need to get more than 30 tickets, we need to know right away. Our tickets are on the floor level, centered so that we can see as much as possible.  Other costs involve travel (by carpool) and possibly hotel (show gets out late).

What else?  

In order to get a firm commitment from those wishing to participate, a non-refundable deposit of ½ of the ticket price is due by November 15, 2014. The balance will be due by January 15, 2015. An announcement will follow, some time in November for a rehearsal to learn simple choreography for the flash mob. The flash mob will be filmed and possibly televised.

Stay tuned for more information and updates on this exciting opportunity.

memphis2-Ms Michelle

email me at michelle.w.edis@gmail.com or leave me a note at the studio.